Canadian Environment Week

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Canadian Environment Week
June 3, 2012
June 9, 2012
Environment Canada
May 17, 2012

Canadian Environment Week is a time for grassroots action to help preserve, protect, and restore our environment. This annual event provides us all with an opportunity to celebrate the progress that has been made but to also encourage further efforts all year long.

It is important to remember that every effort counts, big or small.

This Canadian Environment Week promote good environmental practices everywhere you go. Ask yourselves what more can be done and done better to benefit the environment

The United Nations has designated the year 2012 as the International Year of Sustainable Energy for All.  In addition to this, the Canadian Environment Week will promote the theme: Working for a Clean, Safe and Sustainable Environment.

Hands holding Earth.

This theme is in keeping with Environment Canada’s (EC) commitment to ensure that the environment is:

Clean: Threats to Canadians and their environment from pollution are minimized.

Safe: Canadians are equipped to make informed decisions on changing weather, water and climate conditions.

Sustainable: Canada’s natural environment is conserved and restored for present and future generations.