School Pickup District 42

School District 42Ridge Meadows Recycling and School District 42 have been recycling in our community for over 25 years.

We work with each school in the district to design a recycling program that fits their specific needs. The basic program consists of recycling bins set up in each classroom, office, and teachers’ room which are then brought to a central recycling area and emptied into large, wheeled, labeled recycling totes which are picked up every week.

Schools, your pickup day is TUESDAY. Please bring your recycling totes to the curb by 8:30am! Download a pdf copy of the SD42 School Sort Flyer.



Dan at Yennadon Elementary Worm Workshop 1 - October, 2013Ridge Meadows Recycling
offers workshops to high schools, elementary schools, and preschools on a variety of topics.

Workshops teach students how to sort their recycling and why they shouldn’t throw recyclables into the garbage. These workshops are complemented by students using recycling bins both in their classrooms and at home.

The Recycling Relay involves the whole school and is an active game that teaches kids about sorting & recycling. Waste Audits show students what waste going into their classroom garbage can be composted, reused or recycled. Other workshops include worms & compost, reuse holiday crafts, and water conservation. Click for a full list of workshops available.

Thank you for recycling and contributing to your students’ future children’s future!