About Us

RMRS at RCBC Conference in Penticton, 1979

Ridge Meadows Recycling Society (RMRS) has come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1972 as a volunteer group collecting newspapers in a backyard shed. As the recycling movement grew, the society remained a leader, paving the way for green initiatives and partnerships. RMRS now works in partnership with the City of Maple Ridge, providing recycling and blue box pickup to local residents, operating the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot and processing facility, and providing environmental education and outreach to schools and the community. We also employ people with developmental disabilities through Community Living BC’s Supported Work program. Click to download the RMRS Overview Flyer and A to Z, an overview of the services RMRS provides and a list of items accepted at the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot.

In 2022, we celebrated our 50th Anniversary – and we look forward to serving you for another 50 years!

RMRS Mission Statement:

RMRS Zero Waste Logo

Ridge Meadows Recycling Society is a community-based, non-profit organization that advocates zero waste, operates responsible waste reduction services and provides environmental education. We employ people with developmental disabilities assisting their integration into the community.


A waste-free, socially responsible community.


We believe in a fair distribution of the benefits and costs of resource use and environmental protection.
We believe that individuals have the inherent right to achieve their highest potential in a personal and communal sense. Further, every individual commands intrinsic social value, contributes uniquely to the community and has the right to make choices based upon their individual needs, while respecting the needs of others.
We believe all people have the right to respect, dignity and privacy.
We believe in the interdependency of all members and systems of a community.
We value the strength and opportunity that come from our diverse community.
We promote social inclusion.


To empower the residents of Maple Ridge to become interdependent stewards of the environment.
To operate an organization that offers as full a range of integrated, environmentally sound waste reduction services as possible.


Download the RMRS Constitution & Bylaws.