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Jon Harris

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Jon Harris, a long-time Ridge Meadows Recycling Society Board Member.

Jon had always been involved in his community. He lived in Maple Ridge all his life and served on the Maple Ridge Council for 12 years.

He volunteered for the Fire Department, Parks & Leisure, and Scouts Canada. Jon joined the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society after retiring as a way to stay involved in his community.

We will miss him and are thinking of his loved ones at this time.

Jon’s story was profiled in a 2007 BC Notaries publication:

“I think the biggest challenge for our Society is the extremely complicated nature of recycling. It continues to change at a rapid pace as new technology and processes are developed and societal attitudes towards waste reduction shift.

Ridge Meadows Recycling’s biggest strength is its flexibility, the ability to be adaptable and move with the changing times. Part of this ease is due to the strong principles the society is founded on, which guide the Board of Directors when faced with difficult decisions.”

-Jon Harris, 2012

Preparing for a Green Holiday – RMRS November, 2019 Newsletter Now Online

In this newsletter…

  • Mark our 2019 Holiday Recycling Pickup Schedule on your calendar (especially if you have recycling pickup on WEDNESDAYS) and check out our 2020 Stat Holiday Calendar.
  • Keep your Christmas green by giving experiences instead of gifts, re-using your wrapping paper, and planning to give away leftovers after a big meal. Metro Vancouver has lots of great tips and gift ideas for a variety of budgets on their Merry Memory Maker.
  • Check out the next video in our “How to Recycle” video series
  • The next Green Drinks is all about climate-friendly festivities! Join your fellow greenies on Tues, Nov.26 at 6:30pm at Bean Around Books!
  • Our LAST Repair Cafe of 2019 is THIS Saturday, November 23 at the Library – bring us your broken (Christmas!) stuff!! PLUS – Repair Cafes will start again on Saturday, February 15, 2020 courtesy of Vancity <3
  • We LOVE our volunteers! In this newsletter, meet Repair Cafe volunteer Hannah!
  • As always, don’t miss all the amazing events & activities happening in our community, including LOTS of Winter Craft fairs at local Elementary Schools!! #shoplocal #supportourschools!!

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2019/20 Winter Holiday Recycling Schedule

Mark your calendar (especially if you have recycling pickup on Wednesdays!) – there will be NO CURBSIDE BLUE BOX RECYCLING PICKUP on Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas Day), Thursday, December 26 (Boxing Day), and Wednesday, January 1, 2020 (New Year’s Day).

The RECYCLING DEPOT WILL BE CLOSED on Wednesday, December 25 (Christmas Day) and Wednesday, January 1, 2020 (New Year’s Day) and we will be CLOSING EARLY at 3:00pm on December 24 (Christmas Eve) and December 31 (New Year’s Eve).

As residents with WEDNESDAY recycling pickup will be missing two pickups in a row, there will be a SPECIAL RECYCLING PICKUP for WEDNESDAY RESIDENTS ONLY on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 28. All WEDNESDAY residents should have their recycling set out for pickup on Saturday, December 28 by 7:00am.

Check out the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society 2019 & 2020 Stat Holiday Calendars below…

Update – Recycling Truck Fire – Nov.12, 2019

As you may have heard, one of our trucks caught fire while it was parked in a parking lot during a driver’s break. Thankfully, no one was injured, but the truck is not able to be repaired. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we head toward the busy holiday season.

-Ridge Meadows Recycling Society
November 12, 2019

LAST Repair Cafe of 2019 on Saturday, November 23, 11am – 2pm at the Maple Ridge Library!

Bring your broken stuff – jewelry, sewing, bikes, appliances, ceramics, electronics – or just stop by to check out the repair action at our LAST Repair Cafe of 2019 on Saturday, November 23 from 11am – 2pm at the Maple Ridge Library (22470 Dewdney Trunk Road)!

Happily, we have received funding from Vancity to continue Repair Cafes in 2020! Our first Cafe of 2020 will be on Saturday, February 15 at the Maple Ridge Library. Stay tuned for more Repair Cafe dates in 2020!

Don’t forget to bring your kids to Tinkerbell Station where they can get hands on with tools and tinker & create to their hearts’ content!!!

Learn more about the Maple Ridge Repair Cafes.


Reminder: “Winter Hours” at the Recycling Depot started October 1, 2019. The Depot still opens at 8:00am, but now closes an hour earlier, at 5:00pm from Monday to Saturday. Sundays and holidays we are open from 9:00am – 5:00pm. We will switch back to Summer Hours (open till 6:00pm Monday-Saturday) starting April 1, 2020.

Fall Changes – RMRS September, 2019 Newsletter Now Online

In this newsletter…

  • Shorter days means shorter hours at the Depot…
  • Fall Brush Chipping Program Set-out dates and info…
  • Want to help plan Earth Day 2020? Get Active & drop by one of our meetings!
  • Our next Repair Cafe is on Saturday, September 21 – and we couldn’t do it without our awesome volunteers!
  • Green Drinks! Join your fellow greenies Sept.24 at Big Smoke…
  • Check out one of 100 Debates on the Environment on October 1 and learn where your federal candidates stand…
  • As always, don’t miss all the amazing events & activities happening in our community!

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Fall, 2019 Brush Chipping Program Set-Out Deadlines

In partnership with the City of Maple Ridge, Ridge Meadows Recycling Society administers the Spring & Fall Brush Chipping Program for Maple Ridge residents. The Fall, 2019 deadline for setting out branches for pickup for Maple Ridge residents WEST of 224th Street is Tuesday, October 15. The set-out deadline for residents EAST of 224th Street is Monday, October 28. All brush MUST be set out by the deadlines to be picked up. Chipping in each area will take up to two weeks to complete. The number of days spent on each area depends on the amount of brush set out and the number of residents using the program. The program includes pick up and disposal of tree & shrub branches up to a total volume of 3 cubic meters (1 meter x 1 meter x 3 meters, roughly 3 feet x 3 feet x 9 feet – chippers are instructed to spend no more than 20 minutes at each household). NOTE: This program is provided for branches and pruning, NOT grass clippings, leaves, rocks, dirt, or other yard waste. Learn more about the Spring & Fall Brush Chipping Program, (including what is NOT accepted in the program!).

Light Summer (Green) Reading – RMRS August, 2019 Newsletter now online

In this newsletter…

  • The BC government is looking for feedback on its plan to tackle plastic waste
    (go directly to the survey)
  • Summer Students Bronte & Robert recap their Plastic Free July experience on a livestreamed video
  • Kirk Grayson unveils the benefits and value of Green Infrastructure and Natural Asset Management
  • Our next Repair Cafe is part of GETI Fest celebrations on Saturday, September 21.
  • As always, don’t miss all the amazing events & activities happening in our community!

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This and past newsletters are archived on our website.

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BC Government Seeks YOUR Feedback on Plastics Action Plan

The BC Government is currently seeking feedback on new policy opportunities and proposed Recycling Regulation amendments to address plastic waste (see July 25, 2019 Media Release). (Go directly to survey…)

The four action areas the BC government is proposing in their Plastics Action Plan: Policy Consultation Paper include:


  1. Bans on Single-Use Packaging:
    Determining which types of plastic packaging to phase out altogether, as well as any necessary exemptions, such as those for health, safety and accessibility to keep products available
    for the people that need them.
  2. Dramatically Reduce Single-Use Plastics in Landfills and Waterways:
    Requiring producers to take responsibility for more plastic products, ensuring more single-use items like sandwich bags, straws and cutlery get recycled.
  3. Plastic Bottle and Beverage Container Returns:
    Expanding the deposit-refund system to cover all beverage containers – including milk and milk-substitutes – with a 10-cent refundable deposit, keeping millions more containers out of landfills and waterways.
  4. Reducing Plastics Overall:
    Supporting effective ways to prevent plastic waste in the first place and ensuring recycled plastic is re-used effectively

One of the intentions is to create programs that cover many different types of single-use plastic that may not be covered in a future federal plastics ban. It is also a response to the recent BC Supreme Court ruling against the plastic bag ban brought in by the City of Victoria: “The Province is currently reviewing all aspects of the decision and recognizes that local governments need clarity on what their authorities are and the process for acting on those authorities…”

BC also wants to work with the federal government to develop “national recycled content standards to ensure that…any new plastics and packaging produced contain recycled plastic.” This is good news and would provide both a market and a demand for recycled plastic.

Check out more information on the Clean BC website, then complete the public survey by September 18, 2019 at