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“When we feel things, that’s when we act.” -Chris Jordan, artist

4 Easy Steps to Making a Difference in the World:

Charles Darwin Quote

Step 1: Stop feeling guilt about what we’re doing to the environment and what you’re personally NOT doing for the environment.

Step 2: Change 1 (one) thing in your life that’s unsustainable to something that’s sustainable. (See below for some ideas)

Step 3: Change one more thing.

Step 4: Repeat.


Lots More Steps for Making a Difference in the World!

1. Become a Member of Ridge Meadows Recycling Society!

Level of Difficulty: EASY!

RMRS 40th Anniversary LogoMembership is free, simply fill in the online form, or visit us at the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot. You will receive newsletters and info about upcoming events, programs, & news from RMRS and around the world. We are a non-profit society run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held each year in early May.


2. Watch “The Story of Stuff”!

Level of Difficulty: EASY!

This video really gets to the bottom of our disposable society and is a great educational tool in the classroom and beyond.

The Story of Stuff


3. Turn off your lights for Earth Hour

Level of Difficulty: EASY!

This annual, worldwide event grows bigger each year! Join in the thousands of people who take part in Earth Hour to highlight energy conservation.


4. Take reusable bins & bags to go shopping 

Level of Difficulty: Moderate – remembering to bring the bins & bags with you each time can be difficult at first, but becomes easier as it becomes a habit.


5. Use cloth diapers instead of reusable 

Lagoon Baby Logo 2012Level of Difficulty: Depends on your situation – you can choose to go 100% cloth or use both according to what works for you – any amount diverted from the landfill is a good thing. New parents have lots of pressures and a huge learning curve, but local cloth diaper retailer Lagoon Baby is here to help!

Lagoon Baby Cloth Diapers