Earth Day Volunteer Page

Thank you for your interest in volunteering!! Celebrate Earth Day is one of our community’s largest, most popular festivals, and volunteers make it happen! Individuals, families, business teams…anyone can help out!

To sign up or for more information, fill out the form below or contact Kara, our Volunteer Coordinator, at 

(Note: Volunteers ages 13-17 need consent from a parent or legal guardian.
Volunteers under 13 must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their shift.)

Event Date: Saturday, April 21, 2018, 10:00am – 2:00pm
Location: Memorial Peace Park & Greg Moore Youth Centre, Maple Ridge

Volunteer Orientation: Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 6:00 – 8:00pm
Location: Maple Ridge Library, Fraser Room (2nd Floor)


Summary of Current Volunteer Opportunities:


Ongoing/Organizing Support – Roles and tasks involved with everything that has to happen before Event Day. Great choice if you are interested in the planning, administrating, and promoting of community festivals and are keen to meet and work with local leaders.

Lead-up Activities – We are involved with many community activities in the weeks leading up to Earth Day: from Repair Cafes to Plant & Seed Swaps, some will need extra volunteers. Check with us for the latest opportunities:
March 11 (Sunday), 9:30 – 11:30amRidge Meadows Hospice Society Thrift Store Fashion Challenge
April 20 (Friday), 4:00 – 7:00pm – Family Freecycle Drop-Off Event in front of the ACT

Event Day has 3 components: Site Prep/Set-up, The Event, Tear-Down/Wrap-Up. Help for an hour, or stay for the day! Many volunteers choose multiple 2-hour shifts, for a vairety of jobs plus a break to enjoy the festival!

Site Prep/Set-Up, 7:00 – 10:00am

The early birds get us ready to go and set for the day!

Certified Traffic Controllers – Have specific training, are the only ones permitted to direct moving vehicles.
Barricade Monitors – Allow authorized vehicles through barricades, provide info, keep barricades in place.
Food/Beverage Pick-Up – Team of 2 gathers our goodies around 8am. Car and valid Driver’s Licence required.
Unloaders – Help festival participants and organizers with unloading their gear and equipment.
Set-Up Teams – Site marking, tent set up, weights, tables, chairs, specific activity zones, signs, flags, etc.
Coordinator Assistants – Direct help for our Site Manager and Event Coordinator in any capacity needed.
Event Central Assistants – Help with info and volunteer sign-in areas, keep things tidy.

During The Event, 10:00am – 2:00pm

It’s GO time, folks, and there’s oh so much to do!

Certified Traffic Controllers & Barricade Monitors – Jobs continue as above, volunteers usually rotate.
Coordinator Assistants & Event Central – Jobs continue as above, helping Coordinators with their jobs.
Film/Photo Assistants – Assist our photographer and videographer with equipment, shelter, whatever they need.
Zero Waste/Food Court – Ensure waste and recycling is correctly sorted at the Zero Waste Stations, the event site is clear of litter, and the food court area is clean & tidy.
Runners/Floaters – General presence, fill-in for absences, relay messages, tak on tasks as needs arise.
Activity Helpers – Assist with Earth Day activities – Family Freecycle, Tinkerbell Corner, Cycle Recycle, and more as requests for help come in!

Tear-Down/Wrap-up, 2:00 – 4:00pm

What went up must come down and we leave the site better than we found it!

Loaders – Help participants and organizers load their tents and gear.
Tear-Down Teams – Take down tents, weights, tables, chairs, etc. Organize all equipment for proper return.
Clean Up Crews – Wipe down/pick up/tidy up the event grounds, Event Central, Greg Moore Youth Centre, and all other event sites.


ED2018 Volunteer Registration Form

All Earth Day Volunteers and On-Site Planning Committee Members are required to fill out this form. Thank you!
    Note: Volunteers under 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18+). Volunteers 13-17 years old must have consent from their Parent or Guardian.
    Check all that apply

VOLUNTEER AGREEMENT & WAIVER – All Earth Day Volunteers must complete this form

Earth Day Volunteer Agreement & Waiver Form

For anyone wanting to volunteer with Ridge Meadows Recycling Society
  • Volunteer Agreement of Understanding

  • Volunteer Waiver and Release of Liability

    By submitting this form online you waive important legal rights. Please read carefully. This agreement must be completed in full before you can take part in volunteering for Celebrate Earth Day in Maple Ridge.
  • Parental Consent for Minor Participant and Indemnity Agreement

    Please fill in this section if the volunteer is under the age of 18.

About the theme…
The 2018 theme for Celebrate Earth Day in Maple Ridge is “DIY: Make it, Grow it, Fix it, Share it” and we are looking forward to bringing people together and strengthening our community through skill-building and sharing!

Our focus is on encouraging people to become self-reliant, to learn skills to create things, garden, repair, and to connect with other members of their community who can either teach these skills, or benefit from yours!