NOT ACCEPTED at the Recycling Depot

Here are items NOT Accepted at the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot:

  • carpeting – bring to landfill ☹
  • broken drink glasses, mirrors, & window panes – bring to landfill ☹ *these are made of a different kind of glass, so unfortunately cannot be accepted with the regular glass jars & bottles for recycling.
  • ceramic plates & dishes – unless you can give them away, bring to landfill ☹
  • REMINDER: photos and photo paper are NOT accepted for recycling.

  • mattresses: check out or, can also be dropped off at the Transfer Station ($15 drop off fee per mattress) for recycling
  • yard trimmings: most yard waste (weeds, grass clippings) can go in a backyard composter, set larger branches out for the Chipping Program (spring & fall), or bring to organics area of Transfer Station next door to the Recycling Depot
  • clean wood – bring to organics area of Transfer Station next door to the Recycling Depot. Metro Vancouver implemented a Clean Wood Disposal Ban back in 2015.
  • kitchen scraps & food waste – if you don’t have curbside organics pickup, uncooked fruit & vegetable scraps can go in a backyard composter and ALL food waste (including bones, dairy, bread, etc.) can be put in a backyard Solar Cone Food Digester. In response to Metro Vancouver’s Organic Waste Disposal Ban, which began in January, 2015, there is also a residential organic waste tote on the main tipping floor of the Maple Ridge Garbage Transfer Station
  • pressure-treated wood – bring to transfer station (landfill). Metro Vancouver implemented a Clean Wood Disposal Ban in 2015, but it doesn’t include pressure-treated or painted wood.


  • reusable toys & furniture – donate to charity

  • medicine – pills & liquid medicine can be returned for no charge at pharmacies

RCBC LogoIf you are unclear whether an item is recyclable or not, call us at 604-463-5545, call the Recycling Council of BC’s Recycling Hotline at 604-732-9253 Monday – Friday 9am-4pm, or check out their online Recyclepedia.

RCBC & SPEC have also developed a Recyclepedia Smart Phone App that is now available to download!