Bear-Resistant Organics Bins

Bear-Resistant Organics Tote

We have SOLD OUT of our stock of Bear Resistant Bins.

They can be ordered directly from:
Rollins Machinery Limited
21869 – 56th Avenue, Langley, BC
Phone: 604-533-0048

Container prices from Rollins Machinery are:
32 gal – $175.00  each (+ taxes & delivery)
64 gal – $195.00  each (+ taxes & delivery)

Bear Smart Community Logo 2015These bins are a major criteria to achieving Bear Smart Community status due to their success in bear-interface areas in other communities. The goal of this program is to “address the root causes of bear/human conflicts, thereby reducing the risks to human safety and private property, as well as the number of bears that have to be destroyed each year.
Bear-Resistant Organics Tote & Bear 2“Every year hundreds, and in some years well over a thousand, bears are destroyed as a result of conflicts between people and bears…most of these problems begin when people allow bears to access non-natural food sources such as garbage.”

Because they can’t get into the secured, certified bear-resistant bins when properly used, bears are discouraged from seeking food sources in residential areas.

Learn more about the Wildsafe BC program, working to “keep wildlife wild & communities safe.”