Fall, 2023 Brush Chipping Program Set-Out Deadlines

In partnership with the City of Maple Ridge, Ridge Meadows Recycling Society administers the Spring & Fall Brush Chipping Program for Maple Ridge residents.

The Fall, 2023 deadline for setting out branches for pickup for Maple Ridge residents WEST of 224th Street is Tuesday, October 10. The set-out deadline for residents EAST of 224th Street is Monday, October 23.

All brush MUST be set out by the deadlines to be picked up. Chipping in each area will take up to two weeks to complete. The number of days spent on each area depends on the amount of brush set out and the number of residents using the program.

The program includes pick up and disposal of tree & shrub branches up to a total volume of 3 cubic meters (1 meter x 1 meter x 3 meters, roughly 3 feet x 3 feet x 9 feet – chippers are instructed to spend no more than 20 minutes at each household).

NOTE: This program is provided for branches and pruning, NOT grass clippings, leaves, rocks, dirt, or other yard waste. Learn more about the Spring & Fall Brush Chipping Program, (including what is NOT accepted in the program!).