Happy Holidays! – RMRS December, 2020 Newsletter Now Online

2020 was nothing like anyone expected. While it started out business as usual, everything changed mid-March as the Covid-19 pandemic threw everyone’s plans out the window and plunged us into months of unknown.

While we cancelled our Earth Day plans and the rest of our Repair Cafes, curbside recycling pickup and keeping the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot running were designated essential services. Events & education went online, and we rolled out a number of videos focusing on items accepted at the Depot and deep dives into each of the curbside boxes & bags. Virtual Depot Tours and visits to classrooms on Zoom filled the rest of the year as we all worked to flatten the curve.

With vaccines rolling out in the near future, 2021 will be a year to emerge, recover, and perhaps make the world a little bit better than it was before.

Huge thank you’s to all our volunteers and supporters – especially our amazing Board of Directors who adeptly navigated the uncertainty that was 2020.

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