In January, 2025, Curbside & Apartment Recycling Collection in Maple Ridge will Transition to Recycle BC

Change is Coming! If you haven’t heard, starting in 2025, Curbside and Apartment recycling collection in Maple Ridge will transition to direct services by Recycle BC, the organization responsible for paper & packaging recycling in British Columbia. Don’t worry! Ridge Meadows Recycling will still operate the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot and our Supported Work program is not going anywhere!

While there will be some slight changes to the way materials are picked up, and your collection day may change, you can use the same boxes & bags or recycling totes you are using now. Recycle BC and their contractors will be doing more education and outreach about any changes in the fall.


If you have questions, let us know! We will be attending lots of upcoming events like Earth Day on April 20, the Ridge Meadows Home Show May 3-5, Canada Day on July 1, and Country Fest July 27 & 28!

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Who is Recycle BC?



Since 2011, the BC Recycling Regulation (part of the Environmental Management Act) requires businesses that supply packaging and paper product to BC residents to assume responsibility for the cost of collecting, sorting and recycling these materials.

Recycle BC is a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper product recycling throughout British Columbia, servicing over two million households or over 99% of BC through curbside, multi-family and/or depot services…


VISION:  To be a recycling leader, inspiring and accelerating innovation in recycling technology, waste reduction, and packaging design.

We ensure packaging and paper product is collected from households and recycling depots, sorted and responsibly managed and recycled. Recycle BC provides recycling services either directly to communities or by working in partnership with local governments, First Nations, private companies, and other not-for-profit organizations. 194 communities participate in our recycling collection program and more are serviced by our recycling depots. Each year, over 200,000 tonnes of material is collected from households and depots.Our program is funded by businesses, like retailers, manufacturers and restaurants that supply packaging and paper products to BC residents, shifting costs away from homeowners.