Metro Vancouver Organics Disposal Ban Starting January 1, 2015

MV Organics Disposal Ban campaign - Dec, 2014Ridge Meadows Recycling Society supports the diversion efforts of Metro Vancouver.

Starting January 1, 2015, Metro Vancouver is placing a ban on organic materials from its waste facilities.

This means residents and businesses will be required to separate organic materials like kitchen scraps and yard trimmings from their regular garbage.

For Maple Ridge residents & businesses:

-if you have a private garbage company picking up at your home or business, call them and find out how they will be picking up organic waste separate from your other garbage as they will have to comply with the ban to continue collecting garbage in the Metro Vancouver area.

-many residents have composters, food digesters, or farm animals and are able to deal with food scraps and yard waste in their own backyard with the help of the Seasonal Chipping Program.

-for residents who bring their garbage directly to the Maple Ridge Transfer Station, Metro Vancouver has a separate food scrap drop-off area in addition to their existing yard waste drop-off area. Bonus: Green waste tipping fees are much less than garbage tipping fees!

Restaurants and food service operators may benefit from Metro Vancouver’s publication, “Closing the Loop.”

For more information, visit Metro Vancouver’s website or watch their video.