TEXTILES Accepted at the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot!

All gently used CLOTHING & HOUSEHOLD TEXTILES are accepted in the program.

Note: Moldy, paint-stained or oil-covered clothes, as well as old items you have already used as rags cannot be re-used or recycled and should be placed in your garbage bin for disposal.


Wondering what happens to the textiles we collect?

Currently, we work with Cann Amm Clothing Collection on textile recycling:

“Although we strive to recycle 100% of the textiles we receive, unfortunately the relevant technology isn’t at a point where high quality fabrics can be made from re-spinning heavily used textiles.

Currently, whatever can’t be recycled or re-spun into textiles, wipers, insulation, carpets or other usable products, we have to pay to throw away. But, we never dump abroad. That’s completely unethical and unsustainable.
We understand the frustration with the ineffective current recycling systems are, but we encourage transparency, communication, and understanding at all levels to help build a path forward to a circular textile economy and reduce the textiles and fashion industry’s carbon footprint and water usage on Earth.”
Navi Sahsi, 
Director of Sustainability
Canam Group