Apartment Recycling

RMRS Truck in front of Apartment BuildingIn partnership with the City of Maple Ridge and Recycle BC, each apartment complex in Maple Ridge has its own unique system of large, wheeled totes located close to the garbage disposal area for apartment residents to sort their recyclables into.

RMRS Apartment Recycling Bag

Apartment residents are provided with two reusable, vinyl recycling bags to collect and store their recycling inside their apartment. When the bag is full, they bring it to the recycling area and sort it into the appropriately labeled tote.


The following items are collected in our Apartment Recycling program:

RMRS Apartment Totes

  • Mixed Containers – Cans & Cartons
    • all tin & aluminum cans, foil, and trays
    • soup cartons, ice-cream cartons
    • plastic-lined paper coffee cups & bowls
    • household aerosol sprays (NO PAINT)
  • Plastic Packaging – Plastic Bags & Plastic Film together in one bag, Hard Plastic Containers
    • please collect ALL plastic bags & film together in a plastic bag
    • plastic cups, jars, containers, & lids used in packaging
  • ALL Paper & Cardboard
    • office paper & magazines
    • newspaper
    • cardboard
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
    • glass bottles & glass jars ONLY (broken ok)
    • NO window glass, ceramic, or drinking glasses
    • please put all lids in the Mixed Container bin

Click to download the 2024 RMRS Apartment Sort Poster showing which tote to sort your recyclables into. Contact your apartment/building manager or strata representative for specific information about your building’s recycling program or to get replacement bags.

We offer hands-on educational workshops to all apartment buildings to answer any questions and further explain what can and cannot be recycled as well as any recent changes that have been made. To schedule a free workshop for your building, call Daniel Mikolay at 604-603-0166 or click here.


Large Item Pickup (Supported Work)Many items that are not picked up at apartments can be brought to the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot to be recycled, including all appliances & electronics, cell phones & batteries, oil, pesticides, & paint. Click to download the RMRS A to Z List, a list of what is accepted at the Recycling Depot. To arrange special pick up of an appliance or other large item, call 604-463-5545 or click here.


Looking for information on how to start a recycling program for Food Scraps and Organics at your building? Metro Vancouver has lots of resources here!

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