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Solar Cone Food Digesters, Composters, Bear-Resistant Bins, & Rain Barrels now on sale!

We have once again opened our annual sales of Composters ($65), Solar Cone Food Digesters ($145), Bear-Resistant Bins ($100/non-MR residents $150), & Rain Barrels ($70). Residents can order any of these through the online form below, by visiting the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot at 10092 – 236th Street, or by calling RMRS’s office at 604-463-5545.

Since Metro Vancouver’s Organics Disposal Ban, people are paying more attention to what happens with their food scraps. If you have a garden, Composters will turn veggie & fruit scraps into rich, nutrient-filled topsoil. People may be less familiar with Solar Cones, which use the sun’s energy to break down food items that cannot go in the Composter, including bread, bones & meat, and milk products, into carbon dioxide and water, which harmlessly dissipate into the surrounding soil.

Bear-Resistant Organics ToteBear-Resistant Bins, which look like regular rolling totes, have reinforced lids and a locking mechanism that frustrates bears and deters them from seeking food in residential areas. In addition to the bins helping residents comply to municipal bylaws and the BC Wildlife Act, Maple Ridge residents also benefit from a $50 subsidy provided by the City of Maple Ridge.
Intense summer draught a couple of years ago boosted the profile of Rain Barrels, which enabled residents to water their lawns and gardens throughout the summer using collected rainwater and helped lower municipal water demands. Rain water, free from chlorine and water treatment chemicals, is an excellent water source for lawns, plants and gardens.

Download the 2017 RMRS Environmental Program Information Sheet for Composters, Solar Cones, Bear-Resistant Bins, & Rain Barrels.

Order Form for Composters, Solar Cones, Rain Barrels, & Bear-Resistant Organics Bins

Please place your order below. After your form is submitted, we will contact you to arrange payment & delivery. Thank you for helping keep our planet green!
    *Note: The City of Maple Ridge is providing a $50 subsidy for Bear-Resistant Organics Bins to Maple Ridge residents ONLY. Residents of Pitt Meadows can purchase bins for $150. Rain Barrels, Bear-Resistant Bins, Solar Cones, & Composters only available to residents of Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows.
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Inclement Weather…

Snow IconWith the recent inclement weather, here are some things to keep in mind: 

  1. Check our Facebook page and website to see if there are some areas in your neighbourhood the recycling trucks can’t access or if your recycling pickup has been cancelled because of the snow.
  2. Some areas are not safe for our trucks to travel during snowfalls. Our workers’ safety and the safety of others and others’ property is a priority. If you live in a hilly area or on a street that’s difficult to access, please do not put your recycling out in heavy snow. We will pick up your recycling the following week, weather permitting. You can also bring it to the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot during open hours.
  3. Please help us out! When you set out your recycling boxes & bags, please take care to place them at the END of your driveway, either in the middle of the driveway or NEXT TO the snow mounds (not in the snow, please!) to make it easier access for our pickup crews. This will make pickup faster and decrease the amount of time the trucks need to stay in the roadway. Note that due to parked cars and snow build-up, our trucks may be required to temporarily block roadways. Thank you for your patience & understanding!

Welcome to 2017 – RMRS January, 2017 Recycling Report now online

As 2017 starts to get underway, so do our programs! Our January newsletter includes updates on the new Recycling Depot hours of operation, Spring Chipping Dates, 2017 Curbside Pickup Calendar, the updated sort flyer, and Celebrate Earth Day! Phew!

Click to view a pdf copy of the RMRS January, 2017 Newsletter. This and past newsletters are archived on our website.

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RMRS 2017 Membership Renewal & Annual General Meeting

Thank you for your interest in Ridge Meadows Recycling Society! If you want to be more involved in the Society, you can sign up or renew your membership to be a member for 2017 and vote at our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 (save the date!).

 *NOTE – Our Membership Renewal procedure is CHANGING for 2017:

We have a new membership form – to sign up or renew your membership and stay involved with the Society, you NEED to:

a)  Fill out the online Membership form (see below).


b)  Print & fill out a pdf version of the 2107 Membership Application. You can drop off the completed form at the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot – 10092 236th Street, mail it to RMRS at Box 283, Maple Ridge, BC  V2X 7G2, or scan & email it back to

NOTE: If you are currently a member and do NOT renew your membership for 2017, you will stay on our mailing list, but will no longer be a member of the Ridge Meadows Recycling Society.

Membership Renewal:
Membership is free for 2017. Membership renewal forms must be received no later than noon on March 7, 2017 for voting eligibility at the April 4, 2017 Annual General Meeting. Membership must be renewed on an annual basis to stay a member of good standing in the Society.

Ridge Meadows Recycling Society’s 2017 Annual General Meeting
6:30pm on Tuesday, April 4, 2017
at The Well, located inside Chances Gaming Centre,
22710 Lougheed Hwy, Maple Ridge, BC

Ridge Meadows Recycling Society
10092 – 236th Street, Maple Ridge, BC
Ph: 604-463-5545   Fax: 604-467-6100

RMRS Membership Application Form

  • *Note: Ridge Meadows Recycling takes privacy seriously and has implemented measures to protect personal information.
    *Note: Applicants that do not meet membership criteria can still be included on our Information Mailing List. All members will be added to the Mailing List to receive information about recycling pickup schedule changes and upcoming events & programs in an e-newsletter format (you may unsubscribe at any time).
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