Gift Wrap Accepted/Not Accepted at the Depot

Last year, just after Christmas, we had some of our paper bales rejected because they had too much plastic/foil wrap mixed in as well as ribbons & bows. All of these bales ended up in the garbage 🙁

At the Recycling Depot, we can usually monitor the non-paper gift wrap and keep contamination levels low, but when it is REALLY busy (right after Christmas), we get up to 600-750 cars per day and staff are unable to keep up with the amount of non-paper wrap & ribbons people are dropping off.

We do accept PAPER gift wrap at the Depot, however, during this busy time it is too much for our staff to keep up with, so we have made the decision not to accept any of it until the busy time is over.

Apologies for the confusion & happy holidays! We welcome your PAPER gift wrap at the Recycling Depot anytime after January 5!