New items accepted at Recycling Depot starting July 1, 2012

On July 1, 2012, there are a number of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) programs expanding, which means more items will be accepted at the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot as part of BC Stewardship Programs. While all electric & electronic items are already accepted at the depot (“Everything with a battery or a cord!”), people can bring many more items to the depot for recycling starting July 1, 2012.

New EPR items accepted July 1, 2012Newly accepted items through Encorp’s Return-It Electronics program include everything used with electronic systems such as 8-tracks, records, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray discs, laser discs, memory cards, game cartridges, VHS (& Beta!) tapes, floppy discs, & USB drives. While this program doesn’t include the cases, they will be covered in the future by the EPR program for packaging and printed paper, which is currently in its planning stages.

Product Care’s LightRecycle program is also expanding from just fluorescent light bulbs & tubes to include all light bulbs, including incandescent, LED, halogen, & miniature (flashlight & Christmas lights) light bulbs. The program is also expanding from residential lights to businesses & organizations in the “ICI” sector, which covers Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional. Other programs are expanding to include medical grade electronics, electronic toys, car electronics (GPS systems, stereos, & radios), all electric or electronic tools, gaming systems, and any sport, leisure, arts, craft, or hobby devices that have a power cord, plug, or battery.

Here is a list of some of the new items accepted at the Recycling Depot starting July 1, 2012:

8-track tapes
Answering machines

Baby monitors & receivers


Bread makers

Cassette tapes

Christmas lights
Coffee makers

Digital microscopes & telescopes

Drill presses


Ebook readers
Electric grass trimmers
Electric guitars

Electric lawn mowers

Electronic blood pressure devices

Electronic exercise machines

Electronic musical instruments
Electronic thermometers
Electronic toys
Ethernet switches


Floppy discs
Food processors

Game cartridges

Gaming consoles & controllers
Halogen lights
Hand-held GPS devices
Hand mixers

Incandescent light bulbs




Laser discs
LED lightbulbs
Media storage devices

Memory cards


Pocket & desk calculators

Power drills
Power tools

Satellite dishes & radio receivers

Sewing machines


Table saws

USB drives
Vehicle audio & video systems
VHS tapes

Walkie talkies