Recycling Changes in Maple Ridge – Ridge Meadows Recycling’s May, 2014 Newsletter now online

On May 19, 2014, MultiMaterial BC launched a new recycling program in British Columbia based on the targets set out by the Provincial Recycling Regulations for packaging & printed paper.

In Maple Ridge, this means we are now accepting new items and ask residents to:

-Place ALL plastic bags and wrap in a plastic grocery bag and tie the top closed

-Place glass bottles & jars loose in the blue box. REMOVE all lids & put in appropriate bag or tote (eg. plastic, metal)

-Clean and FLATTEN all cardboard & containers (more fits on truck, reduces trips back to depot 🙂

Download our RMRS May, 2014 Newsletter to learn more about the changes or click on the Recycling Report picture below. You can also download the New Curbside Recycling Flyers – May, 2014 or New Apartment Recycling Flyers – May, 2014

This and past newsletters are archived on our website.

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