Yellow Bag – ALL Paper & Cardboard

In Maple Ridge, ALL PAPER can be put in the Yellow Bag for curbside collection. If you don’t have a Yellow Bag, you can order one online or pick one up at the Maple Ridge Recycling Depot.



-ALL flyers that are included with the newspaper

-white & coloured office paper & envelopes

-shredded white & coloured office paper

-magazines & catalogues

-all corrugated cardboard: clean pizza boxes, moving boxes

-all box board: cereal, cracker, tissue boxes, etc.

 -cardboard egg cartons & drink trays

-cardboard drink sleeves

-all brown paper & brown paper bags 

-Please flatten all cardboard before putting it in the recycling bag! If you have too much to fit in the bag, please flatten it and place it beside or underneath your recycling. Unflattened cardboard will not be picked up.
-Please do not include waxed cardboard as it cannot be recycled.
-Please do not include paper towels or tissues – these can go into your composter.