We are SOLD OUT of Composters! These can be purchased at many home & garden stores. We will order more for local sale in Spring, 2018.

Kelli Speirs & Joy Gallop with Composter - 2006With Metro Vancouver’s Organic Waste Disposal Ban, a Composter and Solar Cone Food Digester may be the perfect thing to take care of your food scraps in your own backyard!

You can learn more about Composting through Metro Vancouver’s brochure, “Here’s the Dirt.”

Composters not only reduce your waste and save you money, they create “black gold,” rich soil full of nutrients that will make your garden bloom!

All raw fruit & veggie scraps can go in a composter as well as grass trimmings, leaves, and other yard waste. Do NOT put meat, bones, dairy, animal waste, or anything else in a composter that will attract wild animals.
Note: the Solar Cone Food Digester CAN take these things! Do NOT put plastic or anything non-biodegradable into either the composter or Solar cone.

There should be a mix of GREEN (nitrogen-rich) material and BROWN (carbon-rich) material.

For more information on composting, check out the Compost Council of Canada’s website or download How To Compost, and Benefits of Compost.

What to Compost Yes-No

From Garbage to Garden     inside a compost bin