Other Flexible Plastic Packaging Now Accepted AT DEPOT ONLY

While SOFT & HARD plastic can still go into your RED Recycling Box curbside, there is an in-between category that until now has had to go in the garbage.

NOT ANYMORE!! Save up your FLEXIBLE PLASTIC PACKAGING and bring it to the Recycling Depot(Note: this new category is NOT accepted in your curbside recycling program)

Items included in this new category include:
Plastic Stand-Up Pouches & Bags, Zipper-Locked Plastic Pouches & Bags, Crinkly Plastic Bags & Wrappers, Cellophane, Net & Woven Plastic Bags, Plastic Wrappers (non-stretchy), and non-food protective plastic packaging. See photo above for examples!

NOT included in this program are paper-lined plastic or plastic-lined paper, plastic squeeze tubes, plastic strapping, or PVC/Vinyl.

The Recycle BC website has more information about this new program.